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CABG with No Touch Aorta technique

The possibility of avoiding the manipulation (touching) of the aorta plays a key role in protection of brain in off-pump CABG. Dr K K Saha has devised a new surgical technique to avoid direct manipulation of the aorta (main blood vessel arising from the heart). This eliminates the risk of stroke (brain paralysis) after CABG.

He has presented papers in international conferences about this new technique. He has also published papers about this new technique which helps prevent paralysis after bypass surgery.

Bypass without blood Transfusion

The cell saver machine collects the blood lost during surgery cleans it so that it can be given back to the patient. This eliminates all the risks involved with blood transfusion –HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis etc. In patients with normal haemoglobin, CABG can be performed without blood transfusion using this machine.